Graphic Design

Graphic Design – Blog Logo and Clothing Design for Rays Boathouse

design_raysmaterialsGraphic Design, Rays Boathouse Cafe and Catering –  Worked with Monster Design Inc., to help develop the Fresh Sheet blog logo and design concepts for shirt designs for the rebrand of a historic Seattle restaurant.

Logo Design – Woodinville RESERVE and Passport Wine Events

design_branding-wwcspringLogo Design, Woodinville RESERVE and Passport – Part of Woodinville Wine Country’s Spring in Woodinville seasonal calendar, both are wine tasting events. Passport has been an annual winery touring event for several years, and RESERVE is a new small lot tasting of high score wines in a single night.

Logo Design – Seasonal Logos for Woodinville Wine Country

design_branding-wwcseasonLogo Design,Woodinville Wine Country –  Using a similar theme of colorful, friendly imagery, each logo is designed to represent the seasonal events put together by Woodinville Wine Country.

Logo Design – St. Nicks Winter in Woodinville

design_branding-wwcstnickLogo Design, St. Nick’s Winter in Woodinville –  An annual wine tasting and gift-themed event around the holidays in Woodinville, WA, event organizers were looking for a fun, friendly and festive solution to re-energize St. Nicks’ and start a new visual theme to carry through other wine events in Woodinville.

Logo Design – Valentina Vitols Studio

design_branding-valentinastudioLogo Design, Valentina Vitols Studio A simple and elegant branding solution for a photography studio specializing in portraiture with a personalized touch. Two color options to apply towards different marketing materials.

Book Cover Design – The Disappearance of Michelle

Book Cover Design, The Disappearance of Michelle by L.F. Divsalar. A unique mystery by fiction author L.F. Divsalar, this book cover design represents the hidden twists and dual nature of the story’s mystery.

Holiday Card Design and Illustration

Custom Holiday Card Design and Illustration, EnviroSystems Group/Sustainable Earth Initiative.  Original illustration created for an electronic company holiday card.