Photography – Food Photography from Wasabi Prime

photo_food-blog03Food Photography – Photograph from the blog, Wasabi Prime, featuring ingredients sourced from the seasonal farmers market. This pasta dish featured locally-raised mushrooms.


Fashion Photography – Bellevue’s Fall Fashion Week 2013

photo_fashionweek2013Fashion Photography – Images from Bellevue’s annual Fall Fashion Week. These images feature looks from multiple runway shows.

Photography – Cocktail Photography from Wasabi Prime

photo_food-blog04Food and Drink Photography – Images from the blog, Wasabi Prime, featuring make-at-home cocktails and highlighting the cocktail ingredient delivery service, Julibox.

Food Writing and Photography – Drink Me Magazine

photo_food-drinkme05Food Writing and Photography for Drink Me Magazine – A recipe written and developed for Drink Me Magazine, curing salmon at home, with a mix of dry ingredients and a splash of whiskey.

Travel Photography – Images from the Alsace Region of France

photo_travel-franceTravel Photography – Images from a wine tasting trip through the northern Alsace region of France, through small towns like Riquewihr.

Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag03Food Writing and Photography for 425 Magazine – Images featured in various articles in 425 Magazine, including a feature about inexpensive meals under $10 and the column, Taste.

Photography – Burning Beast 2013

photo_food-bb2013Event/Travel Photography, Burning Beast 2013 – Images from 2013’s Burning Beast, when the Beast (a rabbit) is set aflame for the annual event’s finale.

Photography – Holiday Food from Wasabi Prime

photo_food-blog05Food Photography – Images from the food blog, Wasabi Prime, featuring holiday cookie and gift ideas.

Photography – Burning Beast 2012

photo_food-bb2012Food Photography – Images from the annual outdoor fire-and-meat-themed event, Burning Beast, where Seattle area chefs cook sustainable and local meats over open flame. 2012’s Beast was a large elk.

Travel Photography – Images from the San Juan Islands

photo_travel-porttownsend01Travel Photography – History and daily life from a trip through the San Juan Islands.

Travel Photography – Images of Nature from San Juan Islands

photo_travel-porttownsend02Travel and Nature Photography – Detail images of flowers taken during a spring trip to the San Juan Islands.

Travel Photography – Images from Koln, Germany

photo_travel-germany01Travel Photography – Images taken during a tour of the city of Koln, in Germany, and its signature Gothic cathedral, the Kolner Dom.

Food Writing and Photography – Drink Me Magazine

photo_food-drinkme04Food Writing and Photography for Drink Me Magazine – Images from a recipe developed and photographed, based on the classic British dish, Toad in the Hole, featuring a beer-based pudding batter.

Travel Photography – Heidelberg, Germany

photo_travel-germany02Travel Photography – Images taken during a tour of Heidelberg Castle in Germany.

Photography and Food Writing – Drink Me Magazine

photo_food-drinkme03Drink Me Magazine, Islands Issue – Developed and photographed a recipe for an updated banana split dessert, incorporating the issue’s island theme.

Graphic Design – Wasabi Prime Rebranded Blog Banners

design_branding-blogrebrand02Graphic Design, Wasabi Prime Blog Banners –  Part of the rebrand of the Wasabi Prime blog, headers utilizing the new family of co-brand marks were created with custom photography of ingredients and kitchen tools to represent the theme of the week’s post and add a dynamic visual element, so that the page design keeps a fresh, new look.

Food Writing and Photography – Inspired Italian and Sunset Magazine

photo_food-blog02Various Food Photography – Images featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, with the center image of the garden tomato flatbread being featured on Sunset Magazine’s website. All images were use for blog posts centered around Italian cuisine and using fresh garden ingredients.

Photography and Travel – Maui

photo_travel-mauiTravel and Nature Photography – Images taken during a trip to Hawaii and featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, listing places to go and what to do while on the island of Maui.

Food Writing and Photography – Iron Vintner Challenge 2012

photo_food-ivc2012Food and Wine Events, Iron Vintner Challenge 2012 – Images featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, from the annual winemaker cooking challenge organized by the Willows Lodge, in Woodinville, WA. Much like the televisions series, Iron Chef, Iron Vintner gives winemakers a secret ingredient (this challenge was crab) and an hour to come up with unique dishes featuring the ingredient for a panel of celebrity judges.

Food Writing and Photography – Wine and Food Events

photo_food-winefoodeventsFood and Wine Events – Images featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, highlighting food and wine events in and around the Seattle area. Images shown are from the Cider Summit 2012 and Hootenanny wine tasting, by Aqua.

Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag02425 Magazine’s Flavor column – Images from multiple Eastside locations mentioned in the regular column, Flavor, which I write and photograph regularly.

Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag01425 Magazine’s Flavor column – Image shot at Milagro Cantina in Kirkland, WA, used for the Flavor column, which I photograph and write regularly, featuring several dishes following a particular theme.

Food Photography – Sweets and Treats

photo_food-dessertsDesserts and Sweets, various publications. Chocolates from Amore Chocolate shop in Bellevue, WA, published in the 2013 Visit Bellevue Guide, and ingredient and dessert photos featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, these are little reminders that everyone deserves a treat now and then.

Fashion Photography – Bellevue Fashion Week 2012 (various shows)

photo_fashion-bfw2012-01Bellevue Fashion Week 2012, various publications. Photography from the Nordstrom Fall Show (center) and the Independent Runway Show (l and r) for Fall Fashion Week.