Food Writing and Photography – Iron Vintner Challenge 2012

photo_food-ivc2012Food and Wine Events, Iron Vintner Challenge 2012 – Images featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, from the annual winemaker cooking challenge organized by the Willows Lodge, in Woodinville, WA. Much like the televisions series, Iron Chef, Iron Vintner gives winemakers a secret ingredient (this challenge was crab) and an hour to come up with unique dishes featuring the ingredient for a panel of celebrity judges.

Food Writing and Photography – Wine and Food Events

photo_food-winefoodeventsFood and Wine Events – Images featured on the blog, Wasabi Prime, highlighting food and wine events in and around the Seattle area. Images shown are from the Cider Summit 2012 and Hootenanny wine tasting, by Aqua.

Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag02425 Magazine’s Flavor column – Images from multiple Eastside locations mentioned in the regular column, Flavor, which I write and photograph regularly.

Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag01425 Magazine’s Flavor column – Image shot at Milagro Cantina in Kirkland, WA, used for the Flavor column, which I photograph and write regularly, featuring several dishes following a particular theme.

Drink Me Magazine – Desserts

Recipe Development and Food Photography, Drink Me Magazine. Desserts integrating a particular spirit, wine or beer. Recipes developed and photographed for regular column, “Drink Your Booze,” in Drink Me Magazine.

Novelty Hill Winery Photography

Novelty Hill Winery, location and food photography. Food and tasting room photos shot for a magazine article exploring the growing wineries in the Woodinville area.

Food Writing and Photography

Various Clients, including Downtown Bellevue Network and Bellevue Downtown Magazine. Photos shown are of the montly cocktail special from John Howie Steak, tuna tartare from Stir and beer and menu from Taphouse. Used for various food and event articles.