Food Writing and Photography – 425 Magazine

photo_food-425mag03Food Writing and Photography for 425 Magazine – Images featured in various articles in 425 Magazine, including a feature about inexpensive meals under $10 and the column, Taste.


Photography – Burning Beast 2013

photo_food-bb2013Event/Travel Photography, Burning Beast 2013 – Images from 2013’s Burning Beast, when the Beast (a rabbit) is set aflame for the annual event’s finale.

Photography – Holiday Food from Wasabi Prime

photo_food-blog05Food Photography – Images from the food blog, Wasabi Prime, featuring holiday cookie and gift ideas.

Photography – Burning Beast 2012

photo_food-bb2012Food Photography – Images from the annual outdoor fire-and-meat-themed event, Burning Beast, where Seattle area chefs cook sustainable and local meats over open flame. 2012’s Beast was a large elk.

Travel Photography – Images from the San Juan Islands

photo_travel-porttownsend01Travel Photography – History and daily life from a trip through the San Juan Islands.

Travel Photography – Images of Nature from San Juan Islands

photo_travel-porttownsend02Travel and Nature Photography – Detail images of flowers taken during a spring trip to the San Juan Islands.

Travel Photography – Images from Koln, Germany

photo_travel-germany01Travel Photography – Images taken during a tour of the city of Koln, in Germany, and its signature Gothic cathedral, the Kolner Dom.

Food Writing and Photography – Drink Me Magazine

photo_food-drinkme04Food Writing and Photography for Drink Me Magazine – Images from a recipe developed and photographed, based on the classic British dish, Toad in the Hole, featuring a beer-based pudding batter.

Travel Photography – Heidelberg, Germany

photo_travel-germany02Travel Photography – Images taken during a tour of Heidelberg Castle in Germany.

Illustration – What’s Cool to the Doctor

illustration_drwhoIllustration, Inspired by the Series Dr. Who –  A hand-drawn illustration, digitally colorized, depicting some of the eleventh Doctor’s favorite and cool things.